Mile Cross Primary School

Charging Policy

Charges for School Activities.

The school follows the policy of Norfolk County Council and may levy charges for the following activities/materials:

  • Ingredients and materials for practical subjects where it is intended that the finished article will be taken home eg, cookery
  • Travel. The cost of travel when a pupil makes use of transport not provided by the school, to travel direct from home to an activity approved of, but not provided by the school.
  • Board and Lodging. This will be charged for in all cases where a school activity involves pupils in nights away from school.

Activities outside school hours

  • A charge may be made for all activities that take place wholly, or more than 50% outside school hours, where the child’s participation has been agreed in advance by the parents.
  • The charge will include the cost of travel, entrance fees, insurance, equipment and any additional staff engaged for the activity.

Remission of charges.

  • Only parents who are in receipt of Income Support, Employment Support Allowance (income related), Guaranteed Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit and your income (as calculated by the Inland Revenue) is less than £16,190 or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance are eligible for remission of charges
  • Remission of charges only applies to board and lodging charges, which are levied directly by the school or LEA and where they relate to activities, deemed to take place wholly or partly in school hours.
  • Parents who have difficulty meeting any charges should ask to discuss the matter in confidence with the Headteacher.